PC-based strip chart display


Visual Display Software


Visual Display Software

PC-Based Strip Chart Display

AstroNova announces a PC-based strip chart display and analysis software package. Developed for telemetry facilities and other applications requiring real-time data viewing, the Everest® VDiS (Visual Display Software) is a powerful tool that transforms the PC into a virtual strip chart recorder.

  • Ideal for Telemetry and other real-time applications
  • Display data in many different formats on your PC
  • Customize the interface for your application
  • Optional Look-back allows you to review previously viewed data simultaneously with real-time data

Ideal for Telemetry and other real-time applications

The open protocol of the Everest VDiS software allows it to accept digital data from virtually any telemetry system. The host control protocol allows telemetry systems to control many Everest VDiS functions, including display configurations, scroll speeds, alarm levels, etc.

Display data in many different formats

Based on the software from AstroNova’s flagship Everest Telemetry Recorder-Workstation, the Everest VDiS software features a number of useful real-time display capabilities.

  • Data can be monitored in real-time and simultaneously displayed in strip chart, numeric data logging and x-y plot formats.
  • “Moving pen tips” driven by the signal data mark the real-time data points.
  • Alarm limits can be set to allow waveforms to change color when predefined limits are exceeded.
  • IRIG time code is displayed and grids can be synchronized with time, allowing data to be interpreted in military time.

Each channel can be displayed separately or simultaneously on multiple channels for easy comparison. Bitmap templates can be displayed on the screen to allow a user to quickly identify any channel’s parameters. Data can be scrolled in traditional strip chart format at speeds up to 200 mm/sec.

Customize the Interface for your application

The Everest VDiS software offers a customizable user interface, making it easier than ever for a user to customize the system for a particular application. An unlimited number of setups can be saved to memory, saving time and resources during system setup. Everest VDiS Software is designed to operate on computers running Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 2000, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Look-back allows you to view real-time and previously viewed data at the same time

The Look-back feature of the VDiS software allows you to review previously viewed data while continuing to display real-time data. Multiple review windows let you see all the data that you want at the same time.

Single user and site licenses

Whether you need one copy or several copies installed at your facility, single user and site licenses are available.

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