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AstroVIEW X »
Data Viewer Program

AstroView X software is included with the purchase of every AstroNova Data Acquisition System. AstroView X is a data viewer program for your PC. Since it is provided at no cost to our customers, you can share a copy of AstroView X and the data to enable your colleagues to review your data. Data measurements, analysis and editing capabilities are included in AstroView X.
FlexPro® »
Data Analysis and Presentation Software

FlexPro software is a powerful, optional PC application for the presentation, organization and analysis of captured data and video for the Daxus® DXS-100, SmartCorder® DDX-100, TMX and TMX-18 Data Acquisition systems as well as the older Dash 18X system.
VDiS »
Developed for telemetry facilities and other applications requiring real-time data viewing, the Everest Visual Display Software (VDiS) is a powerful software application that transforms the PC into a virtual strip chart display.