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Data Acquisition Systems

Daxus ® DXS-100 »
Daxus ® <b>DXS</b>-100
The DAXUS® DXS-100 is a versatile data acquisition solution for local or distributed measurements. Units can be connected directly to a host PC, operate as stand-alone high-speed data loggers, or deployed as part of a distributed measurement system spanning large distances. The built-in hard drive and internal battery ensure data is saved during network or power outages. Its small size and rugged packaging make it ideal for use in the lab, field, or production environment.
SmartCorder® DDX-100 »
SmartCorder® <b>DDX</b>-100
The SmartCorder® DDX-100 is a compact, lightweight and extremely portable all-in-one data acquisition system. As the successor to the Dash series, the DDX-100 includes everything needed to acquire, visualize, analyze and store data in one device. Weighing just 18.5 lbs. (8.6 kg), it is AstroNova’s lightest all-in-one system.
  • Enhanced security via Windows® 10
  • 60X faster sampling rates with optional 50MHz Scope Card

The TMX® is an all-in-one, out of the box DAQ solution designed to acquire, visualize and analyze data. Tested to MIL-STD-810F standards, it will withstand the rigors of field testing, production environments and lab work. With its user-friendly software, the TMX has proven itself year after year, becoming a trusted and reliable solution for critical industry-leading applications around the world.

TMX-18 »
  • Enhanced security via Windows® 10
  • 60X faster sampling rates with optional 50MHz Scope Card

The TMX-18 is a pre-configured 18 channel recording system based on the TMX® with universal input technology. This complete instrument is designed for users who want convenience and power in an easy-to-use acquisition system. With the TMX-18, you will be up and running in no time!

The TMX-R is the rackmount version of the TMX® which is a powerful data acquisition system capable of displaying and recording a large number of channels. The TMX-R is designed to interface directly with the Real-Chart Network Printer and uses 16” wide continuous form Z-fold paper same as the Everest X.