Aerospace & Defense Test Equipment

For over fifty years, critical aerospace & defense applications use AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) telemetry and data acquisition systems in their day-to-day operations throughout the world. From the first-ever thermal array recorder to the proven Everest series of telemetry recorders to the Dash series of data recorders on to our latest advanced products, AstroNova continues to engineer, manufacture and support innovative products at our headquarters in West Warwick, RI.

Today, AstroNova industry-leading products include the:

What sets AstroNova apart from others?

  • User-friendly complete solutions
  • Analog and digital telemetry solutions
  • Continuous printing on wide format paper (EV-5000 and RealChart RC-300)
  • Removable Drives for classified data (Everest EV-5000 and TMX)
  • Reputation for reliability
  • Portable and Rack-mount solutions
  • Flexible Universal Input modules
  • Simultaneous Low & High-speed Recording
  • IRIG and GPS synchronization
  • Tested to military standards
  • Acquire up to 480 synchronized inputs

How are AstroNova Systems used in the Aerospace & Defense market?

Almost every major aerospace company & flight test facility uses AstroNova telemetry and data acquisition products. Our systems are flexible enough to perform in many different applications and environments. All AstroNova systems go through rigorous validation and certification testing ensuring the same systems operating in a lab are effective on an airborne aircraft, in a telemetry control room, on an engine test stand, or even on a flight line. Example applications include flight testing, range safety, missile testing, maintenance & troubleshooting on (or next to) an aircraft, electromechanical testing in an aircraft hangar, component testing and validation, structural testing on military vehicles, monitoring of direct analog inputs or digitized parameters being telemetered from an aircraft to a ground monitoring station.

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