Full Featured, Easy To Use, Complete Data Acquisition

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Full Featured, Easy To Use, Complete Data Acquisition

Full-Featured, Easy to Use, All-in-One Data Acquisition

The TMX® is an all-in-one, out of the box DAQ solution designed to acquire, visualize and analyze data. Tested to MIL-STD-810F standards, it will withstand the rigors of field testing, production environments and lab work. With its user-friendly software, the TMX has proven itself year after year, becoming a trusted and reliable solution for critical industry-leading applications around the world.

  • 800 kS/s per channel max sample rate
  • 50 MS/s with optional scope card
  • Up to 96 channels
  • Audio and video inputs synchronized with analog and digital data
  • GPS, IRIG, NTP synchronization
  • Automate common tasks with Python or LabVIEW
  • Available 18-ch TMX with 3 universal isolated voltage modules (TMX-18) and rack mount version (TMX-R)
  • Enhanced security via Windows 10 and hard drive

Product Overview

Rugged and easy-to-use, the TMX all-in-one data acquisition system is a complete solution with everything you need to acquire, visualize, and analyze data quickly. All TMX models offer a modular and scalable architecture allowing systems to be set for your specific application. The operation of the TMX is quick and effortless with its intuitive user interface, 17-inch multi-touch display and variety of input modules.

The TMX and its user-friendly software have proven itself year after year, becoming a trusted and reliable solution for critical applications around the world. It is ideal for a variety of uses including maintenance and troubleshooting, R&D, verification and validation. Tested to MIL-STD-810F standards, it will withstand the rigors of field testing, production environments and lab work.


The modular architecture of TMX allows for customization for your specific application.

TMX offers a variety of changeable input modules for acquiring high-voltage, temperature, pressure, strain, digital input, and more at rates up to 800 kS/s/ch synchronized with the optional video and audio inputs.

Built-in signal conditioning simplifies signal connections and eliminates the need for additional hardware. The optional CAN interface also allows you to display and record CAN data along with analog and digital signals.

TMX systems are available in multiple configurations and the number of channels can be increased up to 96 with the TMX-E expansion chassis.

With full-featured software, TMX offers a wide array of advanced features. Setup is quick and effortless complete with icon and menu-based software.

Features Include:

  • Advanced triggering capabilities to start and stop recording based on changes in your input signals. Use AND/OR operators to ensure that you trigger only on events needed provide networked recording capability
  • Embedded scope mode with intelligent triggering allows for long term trending and simultaneous capture of high-speed events. The two-channel scope card also extends the sampling rate to 50 MS/s for both channels
  • Up to four independent sampling rates per channel to optimize file sizes by assigning higher sample rates to critical signals
  • Circular data buffer allows you to set and record large amounts of pre-trigger data
  • Advanced filtering options such as low pass, high pass, RMS, bandpass, and bandstop filtering


The utility/DIO port provides an alarm output line that can be used to trigger an external process when user-defined alarm conditions occur. With the DIOC-16 module, you can control up to 8 analogs and 32 digital outputs.


All TMX models come up with a 17” touch display for viewing data. This allows data to be viewed as a scrolling chart or a variety of indicators such as analog gauges, meters, bar graphs, and digital readouts on a per-channel basis. Scope Mode allows you to view high-speed data in a layout that is familiar to users of oscilloscopes.

Set your alarms to provide a visual indicator when signals exceed user-specified limits and control digital and analog outputs based on alarms.

For data review, the TMX allows you to review or transfer previously acquired data without interrupting the current acquisition. Our QuickLook data compression technology allows you to scroll through GB of data in seconds.


The TMX platform provides powerful analysis capabilities that make it easy to analyze data anywhere.

Place cursors to automatically determine the time between events and calculate average, Min/Max, RMS, Sum, Std. Deviation, and many other common statistics. You can also apply advanced filtering options or count user-defined events.

The derived channel feature minimizes the need for post-processing by allowing for custom channel creation using advanced real-time math functions and built-in digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. These channels can be stored along with sensor data and are available for post-processing modification.

TMX makes transferring data easy through built-in Ethernet and USB 3.0. For sharing data with colleagues, each TMX includes free AstroView X software, which allows reviewing and converting data into common formats.

With the TMX Offline software, create setups, transfer files, review, and analyze data on any Windows PC.


All TMX systems feature a dedicated 1 TB removable drive (solid-state drive optional available) to record data. Removable drives provide enhanced security by allowing you to exchange drives for recording classified and non-classified data easily. Additional drivers can be purchased for archiving data.

The optional AstroDock unit provides an easy way to connect TMX data drives to a Windows PC.


Print screen captures of your data to a Windows-compatible printer via USB 3.0. For applications requiring printed charts, AstroNova offers the Real-Chart Network Printer, RC-300, printing up to 32 channels on 16.3” wide format chart paper. The Real-Chart Network Printer prints annotations for permanent record.

Automate and Integrate

The TMX software supports Python scripting for automating common tasks and increasing productivity. Available LabVIEW drivers make it easy to communicate with and control TMX systems for integrated test procedures and test cell applications.



IBRM-6IBRM-6 6 Isolated Differential Input Module

• Simultaneous sampling at up to 800 kS/s/ch
• Full 16-bit resolution across selected range
• Software-selectable bridge completion
• 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II isolation
• Supports 120, 350, and 1000 Ohm bridge resistances
• High Accuracy (+/- 0.07% of selected range)
• Built-in counter and timer functions
• TEDS compatible
IEPE-6IEPE-6 6-Channel Voltage Input Module

• Per-channel selectable voltage or IEPE inputs with excitation
• Simultaneous sampling at up to 800kS/s/ch
• 16-bit resolution
• 250Vrms or DC, Cat II isolation
• Three user-selectable measurement ranges to maximize resolution
• Built-in frequency counter
• Insulated BNC connections
• Support for Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS)
ITCU-12ITCU-12 Universal Thermocouple Input Module

• 12 thermocouple inputs
• Supports all common thermocouple types
• Direct connectivity with standard Type U Mini-TC connectors
• High accuracy (<1 deg C J-Type)
• 16-bit resolution
• 250 Vrms or DC Cat II rated isolation
• 50/60 Hz noise rejection
• Cold junction compensation
IHVM-6IHVM-6 Isolated High Voltage Input Module

• 6 high voltage inputs
• Maximum 1,000 V input range
• 3 input ranges to maximize measurement resolution
• Simultaneous sampling at up to 800 kS/s/ch
• 16-bit resolution
• Built-in counter and timer functions
NIDV-16NIDV-16 Non-Isolated Differential Voltage Input Module

• 16 voltage inputs (30 Vrms or 50 V DC max)
• Simultaneous sampling at up to 200kS/s/ch
• 16-bit resolution
• 9 input ranges to maximize measurement resolution
• Built-in counter and timer functions including quadrature event counter
• Screw terminal or BNC connections with adaptor
ISEV-4UNIV-6 Universal Input Module

• 6 voltage or strain/bridge inputs
• Simultaneous sampling at up to 800kS/s/ch
• 16-bit resolution
• 5 measurement ranges to maximize resolution
• Built-in counter and timer functions
• 250 VRMS or DC Cat II isolation
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