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Visual Display Software

Everest® Visual Display Software

Developed for telemetry facilities and other applications requiring real-time data viewing, the Everest Visual Display Software (VDiS) is a powerful software application that transforms the PC into a virtual strip chart display.

The VDiS application supports either TCP or UDP protocols for digital signals via Ethernet. A complete digital data programming guide is included to get you up and running quickly. The open command and data protocol of VDiS allows it to accept digital data from virtually any telemetry system. VDiS features several useful real-time display capabilities, including:

  • Compatible with Windows® 10 and Windows® 7 operating systems
  • Powerful Look Back feature stores data on your PC with post-processing conversion to CSV
  • Real-time Display of up to 32 channels
  • Display speeds from 1 mm/min to 200 mm/sec
  • Discrete, overlap, or custom grid formats
  • Numeric data and X-Y plot displays
  • Compatible with third-party telemetry systems
  • Customizable user interface
  • Create view icons to instantly change which channels are displayed
  • Combine with AstroNova Real-Chart RC-300 for printed charts in a modular system to provide both virtual and hard copy telemetry data.

VDiS Display Features

Real-time Display
Telemetry data can be monitored in real-time and simultaneously displayed in strip chart and x-y plot formats. Display screens are customizable and can be tailored for specific applications.

Real-time with Look Back
The optional VDiS Look Back feature allows you to review previously viewed data while continuing to monitor real-time data on the same screen for comparison purposes.

Numeric Data Display
Data can be viewed in a numeric format in parallel with strip chart displays. Information can be displayed in user-defined engineering units, giving real meaning to your data.

Real-time X-Y Plot
Four separate x-y plot windows are available, perfect for measuring phase relationships or phase angles.

Display Icons
Instantly change displayed channels with customizable view icons on control panel.

VDiS License Agreement
VDiS software is available as a single-user license or site license for multiple installations.

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