Power & Utilities Test Equipment

AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) data acquisition systems with high voltage input modules are ideal for power quality measurements, monitoring, and analysis. All of our products come complete with intuitive and easy-to-use software and ample storage space for recording hours, weeks, or months of data. Also, multiple sampling rates and flexible triggering options allow you to capture high-speed transients while minimizing file sizes. Above all, our scalable hardware architecture and variety of input modules provide maximum flexibility while lowering power & utilities test equipment costs.

AstroNova recommends the following products for power applications:

  • TMX Series All-In-One data acquisition systems
  • Daxus DXS-100 for networked or standalone data acquisition systems
  • SmartCorder DDX-100 portable data acquisition recorders
  • IHVM-4P (input module for DXS-100 and DDX-100 systems)

Why choose AstroNova for Power & Utilities Test Equipment?

  • Quickly troubleshoot power quality problems with a complete and portable system
  • Efficiently run machine health tests using any sensor type and save test settings for future use
  • Connect up to 1000V directly to our high voltage input modules
  • High isolation for transient voltages and safety
  • Visualize and record RMS and other real-time Power Calculations
  • Maximize measurement resolution with user-configurable input ranges
  • Protect equipment with programmable alarm outputs

How are AstroNova Systems used for Power Applications?

The AstroNova TMX, SmartCorder, and Daxus data acquisition systems perform critical power measurements across many industries including power generation, transmission, renewable energy, and transportation.

For instance, our systems provide the most common power measurements including RMS (voltage and current), frequency, harmonics, true power, apparent power, power factor, total harmonic distortion, and many others. So, support for Python™ and LabVIEW allows users to implement additional analysis functions and create customized displays.

In addition, the IHVM-4P for DDX-100 Daxus and DDX-100 SmartCorder is ideal for single or 3-phase measurements and the “Power Mode” feature provides eight power quality measurements using only one pair of voltage and current signal inputs. Subsequently, calculated values are stored along with raw data, and our application software provides flexible tools for analyzing data in Capture or Review mode.

AstroNova Power & Utilities Test Equipment provides the flexibility to perform a wide variety of tests with a single instrument. 

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