Rail Transportation

AstroNova data recorders are used globally throughout the transportation industry for testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and product development. From monitoring rail cars during safety testing to rail power monitoring to track safety verification, AstroNova data acquisition systems offer powerful recording and measurement/analysis functions to ensure that these transportation systems are reliable and safe.

Applications for AstroNova data recorders include:

  • Periodic testing of motor currents and brake systems of mass transit vehicles
  • Rail car maintenance
  • Railway control systems monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Substation transient recording
  • R&D of rail cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • Electrical maintenance of facilities
  • Monitoring drive systems
  • Monitoring electrical power

Transportation industry customers for these systems include Amtrak, Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority, Washington Area Metro Transit Authority, Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway, Plasser Machinery Parts & Services Ltd, Adtranz, Toronto Transit Commission and Gruppo Trasporti Torino.

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