Aerospace & Defense »
Aerospace & Defense
AstroNova recorders and data acquisition systems are used throughout the world in critical aerospace applications. In flight test control rooms, structures labs, manufacturing facilities and remote test sites, AstroNova recorders are hard at work for our customers.
Automotive »
AstroNova portable data recorders are used throughout the automotive industry for in-vehicle, laboratory and proving ground testing. These data acquisition systems are ideal for many of the requirements of automotive test engineers and have proven themselves to be powerful tools for the design, development and troubleshooting of automotive systems.
Industrial »
AstroNova data recorders are used throughout a wide variety of industries for testing, monitoring and troubleshooting applications. The all-in-on portable data acquisition systems are especially suited for the many rugged environments. From control signals recording to electromechanical systems troubleshooting, AstroNova data acquisition systems offer an unprecedented degree of flexibility.
Power & Utilities »
Power & Utilities
AstroNova portable data recorders rigorously work to monitor power quality, power distribution and other power related data. Power quality and reliability are increasingly important to both commercial and consumer energy customers. With the ability to quickly help determine problem areas, AstroNova data recorders are an important part of power quality and delivery.
Rail Transportation »
Rail Transportation
AstroNova data recorders are used globally throughout the transportation industry for testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and product development. From monitoring rail cars during safety testing to rail power monitoring to track safety verification, AstroNova data acquisition systems offer powerful recording and measurement/analysis functions to ensure that these transportation systems are reliable and safe.
UPS & Static Switch Testing »
UPS & Static Switch Testing
To eliminate expensive downtime, many large companies with data centers use AstroNova data recorders to prevent power glitches from interfering with business operations by implementing a regular testing program.