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Chart Recorders and Printers

Everest EV-5000 »
Everest <b>EV</b>-5000
The EV-5000 is ideal for mission-critical data acquisition applications where digital storage and paper printouts are required. Accepting analog inputs, the EV-5000 is engineered to be a direct replacement for the field-proven Everest® series of chart recorders; retaining its best features and allowing for greater accuracy, faster data acquisition rates and increased data storage capacity.
Real Chart RC-300 »
Real Chart <b>RC</b>-300
The Real-Chart RC-300 is a powerful printing platform designed to provide hard copy recording of telemetry data. It’s an ideal wide format printer for aerospace or other applications where hard copy records are essential. Its 16.3-inch print width supports printing of up to 32 waveforms on separate grids along with alphanumeric annotation and a system log. Signals can also be displayed on an external monitor during printing. Adding an external display along with a keyboard and mouse allows the user to control the Real-Chart RC-300 locally. Use the Real-Chart RC-300 with AstroNova VDiS software to provide both virtual and hard copy records of telemetry data in a modular system.