EVX Chart Recording System »
EVX Chart Recording System
AstroNova offers the EVX system for applications that require continuous printed real time charts, immediate on-screen data viewing as well as digital data records. This superior system provides 300 dpi print technology for crisp, clean charts used for immediate on-site verification with product testing and other immediate data visualization requirements.
Real-Chart Network Printer »
Real-Chart Network Printer
The Real-Chart Network Printer is a high resolution network printer. It accepts up to 32 channels of digital data via Ethernet and prints them in real-time on a 16-inch wide chart. Grids, waveforms and annotation are printed simultaneously, ensuring the accuracy of printed data.
VDiS Visual Display Software »
VDiS Visual Display Software
The Visual Display Software (VDiS) is a powerful tool that transforms the PC into a virtual strip chart recorder. It accepts digital signals in a proprietary format via Ethernet. VDiS has a number of real-time display capabilities, including strip chart, numeric display and x-y plot formats. The advanced look-back capability lets you capture data to your hard drive for later review.