System Software Upgrade

These upgrades are the latest system software for your TMX Data Acquisition System. It contains new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for customer reported problems.

Please follow these steps on your TMX system to determine which software is correct for your upgrade.

  1. Turn on TMX system with main power switch
  2. Once the realtime SW begins to run, select Help>About from the top menu choices
  3. Make note of the System Version #
  4. Follow TMX system SW upgrade options below

TMX System Version 1
Download System Software for TMX Version 1 2.4.1, 80.5 MB

TMX System Version 2
Download System Software for TMX Version 2 2.8.0, 82.2 MB

TMX System Version 3
Download System Software for TMX Version 3 2.8.0, 82.2 MB

Upgrade instructions for the TMX system software:

  1. Insert a USB flash memory drive containing the software upgrade.
  2. Choose Configuration >> Utilities from the menu bar to open the utilities screen.
  3. Choose Upgrade. The system software will be upgraded and the user will be prompted to “Please turn the system off”.
  4. Turn the TMX Off.
  5. Remove the USB key from the TMX, the TMX will not boot up with a USB key inserted into the USB port.
  6. Turn the TMX On.

TMX Offline Software (TMX-OS)

This is the latest version of TMX Offline Software (TMX-OS). This software supports the TMX.

If you are currently using this software, please contact AstroNova Technical Support for a username and password to download. If you are not a user and would like to purchase TMX Offline Software (TMX-OS), please contact AstroNova Customer Service.

Download TMX Offline Software (TMX-OS) Version 2.5, 272 MB

NOTE: TMX Offline must be run with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

LABVIEW® Drivers for TMX and TMX-18

AstroNova is pleased to offer LabVIEW Drivers for the TMX and TMX-18 data acquisition systems. With the latest drivers, your data acquisition system can be integrated into any laboratory or test cell operating in a LabVIEW environment. The recommended version of TMX system software for using the latest LabVIEW library is Version 1.8 or higher. If you need to upgrade your TMX software, a link is provided at the bottom of this page.

Download LabVIEW Drivers for TMX and TMX-18, 1.8 MB (Zip file)

Version 1.8 (or higher) system software is recommended for using the latest LabVIEW library