Flexible Input Module

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Flexible Input Module

Flexible Input Module

The IBIV-8 is an 8-channel group isolated input module for performing bridge, voltage, 4-20mA current, and IEPE measurements. Offering internal bridge completion and shunt calibration, the IBIV-8 is ideal for strain or load measurements. The module also provides signal conditioning required to power and measure up to 8 bridges or IEPE sensors simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • A simultaneous sampling at up to 100 kS/s/ch
  • 5 measurement ranges (+/- 10 V, +/- 2 V, +/- 200 mV, +/- 50 mV, and +/- 20 mV)
  • Full 24-bit resolution across the selected measurement range
  • High accuracy (+/- 0.03% for 10V, 2V and 200 mV attenuator settings)
  • Supports 120, 350, 500, and 1000Ω bridge resistances
  • Software selectable internal ¼ and ½ bridge completion (120 and 350Ω) and shunt calibration
  • Lemo or D-Sub connector options
  • Built-in counter and timer functions


  • Perform a variety of measurements with a single module
  • Reduced cost per channel vs. the UNIV-4 and competitive offerings
  • Lemo or D-Sub connector options and internal bridge completion simplify wiring
  • Onboard DSP based counter and timer functions reduce the need for additional hardware
  • Group-to-group and group-to-chassis isolation to protect people and equipment

Typical applications

  • Research and Development
  • Machine Health Monitoring
  • Structural Monitoring

Optional accessories

  • LEMO mating connectors, P/N: 26680010
  • D-sub to BNC adaptor board, P/N: 32952001
  • The D-sub to screw terminal adapter, P/N: 32953001
  • SC-DAX Soft Carry Case for Daxus DSS-100, P/N: 42737000
  • HC-DXS Hard Carry Case for Daxus DXS-100, P/N: 41047300
  • SC-DDX Soft Carry Case for SmartCorder DDX-100, P/N: 41047200

Available services

  • One-Year extended warranty
  • Factory calibration service
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