Isolated Voltage Input Module


Isolated Voltage Input Module


Isolated Voltage Input Module

The ISEV-4 is a 4-channel isolated voltage input module with independent ADC’s per channel and 5 configurable measurement ranges. Providing maximum effective measurement resolution from the millivolts up to 400 Volts (250 Vrms), the ISEV-4 is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and resolution.

Isolated Voltage Input Module Key Benefits

  • Sample at up to 200 KS/s/ch
  • Select from 5 measurement ranges for maximum resolution
  • Measure voltages as low as +/1 mV with full 16-bit resolution
  • Provides high accuracy (+/- 0.6% of measurement range)
  • Features a high isolation barrier for increased safety, noise immunity, and equipment protection
  • Built-in counter and timer functions eliminate the need for additional modules


Daxus® DXS-100 and SmartCorder® DDX-100 data acquisition systems

Typical applications

  • Research and Development
  • Product verification and validation
  • Applications requiring high accuracy AC or DC measurements

Optional accessories

GL-40GL-40 General Use Lead Set, P/N: 13442000
LC-40LC-40 Test Leads/Clips (Pair of test leads and pincer clips – one red and one black), P/N: 13441003
LC-40LC-40S Test Leads/Spade Connectors (Pair of test leads with spade connector for #8 screw), P/N: 13441201
ADP-4810ADP-4810 High Voltage Probe for up to 1000 Vrms, P/N: 25765000

SC-DAX Soft Carry Case for Daxus DXS-100, P/N: 42737000
SC-DDX Soft Carry Case for SmartCorder DDX-100, P/N: 41047200

Available services

  • 1-Year extended warranty
  • Factory calibration service
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