Universal Thermocouple Module

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Universal Thermocouple Module

Universal Thermocouple Module

The ITCU-12 is a 12-channel thermocouple input module for the AstroNova TMX data acquisition systems. The ITCU-12 is ideal for high channel count applications requiring high accuracy.

Universal Thermocouple Input Module Key Benefits

  • 12 thermocouple inputs
  • Supports all common thermocouple types
  • Direct connectivity with standard Type U Mini-TC connectors
  • High accuracy (<1 deg C J-Type)
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 250 Vrms or DC Cat II rated isolation
  • 50/60 Hz noise rejection
  • Cold junction compensation


TMX®, TMX-18, and TMX-R data acquisition systems

Typical applications

  • Process monitoring
  • Asset monitoring
  • Product validation

Optional accessories

HC-TMXHC-TMX Hard Transport Case for TMX , P/N: 41047010
HC-TMXEHC-TMXE Hard Transport Case for TMX and Expansion Chassis, P/N: 41047020
SC-TMXSC-TMX Soft Carry Case for TMX, P/N: 41047000

Available services

  • 1-Year extended warranty
  • Factory calibration service
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