thermocouple input module itcu-16


Thermocouple and Low-Voltage Input Module


Thermocouple and Low-Voltage Input Module

The ITCU-16 is a high density isolated 16-channel thermocouple and low-voltage (+/- 100 mV) input module. With this module, you can acquire temperature and other signal types using fewer slots.

Thermocouple Input Module Key Benefits

  • Supports all common thermocouples (J, K, E, T, N, B, R, S, & C)
  • Provides anti-aliasing, 50/60 Hz noise rejection, open-thermocouple detection, and cold-junction compensation for high-accuracy thermocouple measurements
  • Eliminates the need for adapters and simplifies wiring with standard mini-TC connectors
  • Utilizes high resolution 24-bit ADC’s to detect small changes in temperature and voltage
  • Features a high isolation barrier for increased safety, noise immunity, and equipment protection


Daxus® DXS-100 and SmartCorder® DDX-100 data acquisition systems

Typical applications

  • Research and Development
  • Product verification and validation
  • Asset and process monitoring

Easily reducing testing costs, the ITCU-16 provides four times the channel density for thermocouple measurements than previous Daxus® DXS-100 and SmartCorder® DDX-100 input modules.

Designed for applications that require high channel counts and exceptional accuracy, the ITCU-16 module is ideal for applications such as research and development, product verification and validation, and asset and process monitoring.

Supporting all common thermocouple types, the ITCU-16 makes it easy to mix multiple thermocouple types in a single module and select from multiple sampling rates on a per channel basis.

By offering direct connectivity with miniature sized thermocouple plugs, the ITCU-16 completely eliminates the need for adapters. With built-in cold junction compensation, the ITCU-16 is also able to compensate for temperature differences between the unit under test and the measurement system.

To detect wiring problems, the ITCU-16 module incorporates open thermocouple detection (OTD) technology. This feature is integrated with the built-in alarm functions of the Daxus DXS-100 and SmartCorder DDX-100 software, allowing users to detect broken wires or loose connections and maximize test time.

Similar to other signal input modules from AstroNova, the ITCU-16 also provides high isolation (up to 3,500 VDC bank-to-chassis and bank-to-bank) to protect both your people and your equipment.

Optional accessories

SC-DAX Soft Carry Case for Daxus DXS-100, P/N: 42737000
SC-DDX Soft Carry Case for SmartCorder DDX-100, P/N: 41047200

Available services

  • 1-Year extended warranty
  • Factory calibration service
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