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The MR411 is a general purpose 400A AC or 600A DC current probe designed for use with AstroNova recorders and data acquisition systems. The MR411 offers dual ranges of 40 and 400A AC or 60 and 600A DC.


  • Nominal Range: 400Aac / 600 Adc
  • Measurement Range: 0.2 to 600A
  • Output Signal: 60A: 10mV/A 600A: 1mV/A
  • Accuracy: Range dependent. See datasheet for details.
  • Frequency Range: DC to 10 kHz @-3dB
  • Max. Conductor Size: One 1.18-inch (30mm), or two 0.95-inch (24mm), or two bus bars 1.2 x 0.4-inch (31.5 x 10mm)
  • Portable Operation Rating: Approximately 50 hours with alkaline battery
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